Sunday, September 9, 2007

Weight Loss History

I've been putting together a medical/weight history to take to my appointment on 17/9 and decided to post some of the relevant points here, so I can always see them and remind myself of why this HAS TO BE THE LAST TIME. I simply can't survive this way, yoyoing up and down so much. In my heart, I know it's killing me...

1985 (age 15). With a BMI of 22 I am the second heaviest person in my class (including boys) and when our weights are written on the blackboard I am ridiculed. I dream of such a BMI these days lol!!
1989 (age 19). Weight Watchers brings me down from 135kg to 110kg in six months
1997 (age 27). Personal problems, depression contribute to gaining 25kg in about three months. Back up to 135kg
2001 (age 31). An obesity specialist, dietician and Xenical (in those days on prescription only) helps me lose 20kg and I go from 140 to 120kg.
2003 (age 33). Develop agoraphobia and serious depression, medication helps but unfortunately the meds lead to me gaining weight, ending up around 155kg.
2004 (age 34). Doctor Phil's Weight Loss Challenge - awesome books and support group online, I lost 30kg and was fit and healthy (also had personal trainer).
2005 (age 35). Changed jobs, lost focus, developed fibromyalgia, by 2007 I am up to my heaviest weight yet - what feels like 175kg. I can't weigh myself on my scales as they only go to 150kg, but I am usually pretty accurate about guessing my weight. I can't fit into my size 26 jeans, which fit me fine when I was 155.

I am so tired these days, just walking up the one flight of stairs to my office makes me short of breath. I literally feel as though I am going to burst out of my poor over-stretched skin. Enough, as they say, is enough.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lil,

I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I can relate SO well to your story.

I am just beginning my lapband journey too. I start Optifast tomorrow (feeling a little worried about that!) to get ready for my op on Sept 25th.

Look forward to sharing the journey with you :)


Last Chance Lil said...

Great to hear from you Jen! How exciting that you are only a couple of weeks away from being banded! My attitude with the Optifast is I just do my best, even if I only replace one or two meals a day with it, I will still be losing weight. Ultimately, our doctors know that we aren't the greatest at following "diets", otherwise why would we need the band?? Best of luck!!!
love Lil