Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Officially Disabled?

Over here in Perth we have new(ish) buses that do a lot of the public transport routes - they have these fancy ramps that extend out and the bus lowers down in order for wheelchair passengers to roll onboard. This morning I was waiting for the bus as usual and when it pulled up I was surprised to see the bus slowly lower down, and the ramp extended. You can see where I'm going with this... Anyway... I looked over my shoulder and moved to the side to allow the "disabled" person to get on first. NO DISABLED PERSON THERE. Oh my god, it hits me that the bus driver, bless him, had made it easy for ME to get on the bus!!!!!!!!! ME!!! I have never ever thought of myself as being handicapped or disabled by my weight, even though it's not exactly a "bonus" lol.

I sat on the bus not knowing whether to laugh or cry - ended up laughing which is my usual trick. And you know what, it really DID make it easier to step onto the bus, cause some mornings I really have to HEFT myself up that step!

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