Saturday, September 29, 2007

Show Day

B and I went to the Royal Show today and I decided that I would relax my VLCD for the day and have a shake for breakfast and dinner but eat something different at the Show. Kind of like a "last stand" I suppose, before my lap sleeving next month! I knew that already my tastes and body have changed so I wouldn't feel like having anything super high fat like the old days (eg: Dagwood Dog, chips, toffee apple, waffles...). Also, the great thing about the Show is all the walking! We went at least two or three kilometres all up, even though it was stop and start and a slow pace I felt good about the exercise. I ended up having corn on the cob with butter, salt and pepper, a fruit icypole and a roast beef roll throughout the five hours we were there - and I am damn proud of myself I didn't overdo it.

Weighed in this morning at 160.2kg - a loss of just 800g ): It's not surprising, considering I went off the rails this week. Also I am retaining fluid in my usual monthly fashion (if you know what I mean!), so I feel confident of another good loss next week. At least the scales are going down - the direction they are going PERMANENTLY.

Changed my blog title from Lap Band to Lap Sleeve, now that I am committed to the lap tube gastrectomy.

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superchris said...

Best wishes Lil. My mum's husband is considering having lap band surgery too so I have given her your blogger address to check out. It's a great idea to share your journey with others and a very brave thing to do -good on you!