Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Liquid Life

I am in Day Two of the liquid diet - using Nutrimeal from Usana (nutritional supplement company). My parents are members of Usana, and had heaps of the Chocolate and Strawberry shakes left over as one of their customers only likes the Vanilla sachets and they come in packs! So it was a cheap/free way to start the liquid diet. They are nutritionally sound, very similar in protein, calories, etc to Optifast cause I checked the labels. I actually like the shakes, especially the strawberry one, but I am sure the novelty will wear off quickly. But at least I have a purpose, and I feel like this is a great way to prepare for my Sept 17 appointment and get my mind into weight loss mode. I am having salad or non-starchy vegies for my dinner to supplement the shakes, as this is what seems to be recommended with Optifast.

At least it's a start. I am SO excited about (hopefully) getting in line for surgery. I know it will be at least a couple of months before I can get there... I am leaning towards the lap tube gastrectomy, but I will see what Gorgeous Jon has to say. It seems a shame to not be banded though, as there are so many awesome BANDITS out there, and great support groups. Because the lap sleeve is not as common, I suppose it's harder to find people who've had it.

My hubby has been roped in to take some before photos tomorrow, which I will post here in due course. Must do measurements as well, in the past it's been a good way to judge my weight loss.

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