Monday, September 17, 2007

I Got Myself A Date!!!

Oh my god, whoever would have thought I'd be EXCITED to go to hospital! I have been accepted for lap tube gastrectomy surgery on October 29th - all going well with the pre-surgery appointments and my six week VLCD.


I weighed in at Dr Jon's at 162.8kg, which means I have theoretically lost more weight. But it's just the discrepancy in scales - I will keep mine weighing heavier so that when I go to the Doc's I won't get a rude shock. My only problem will be if Gorgeous Jon puts in his laporoscope and the scarring from my abdominal surgery (aged 7) is too severe for him to do the procedure. It has happened, apparently, but it's rare. It happened to him the other day, the poor woman must have been devastated to go through everything only to have him unable to complete the surgery (in that case a lapband).


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