Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Got My First Appointment

Last night the Seminar was fantastic. How awesome are the laproscopic videos??!! I loved being able to see all the inside workings of the lap band and the lap sleeve procedures, even though I think a few people were grossed out. I can't get over how little blood there is.

In two minds about which procedure to have done. I feel more confident about the technical aspects of the lap band, but I think the way the lap sleeve works may be more useful for me. I have my appointment with Gorgeous Jon (Armstrong) on Sept 17 and am considering starting Optifast or Clinical before then - partly to emphasise how committed I am to the procedure/life change and partly because it will get me in the habit of sipping, sipping, sipping.

Started the long and tedious process of getting my medical records - I am hoping that the records don't have to be 100% comprehensive as I have been through a number of different doctors and hospitals in my time. One surgery I contacted today said it is $150 for each set of records they retrieve from storage!! Times that by ten or fifteen doctors... yikes.

Still excited and focused though. One way or another, this is going to happen and I am going to feel full for the first time in my life!! Yippee!

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