Tuesday, December 18, 2007

News From The Job Front

Yesterday I had two more interviews/registrations with temp agencies, which went well until they tried to force me into reception jobs (which I have been there, done/hate that) or jobs which required more than an hour travel each way (ditto). Why is it so hard to find a nice quiet filing or typing job lol. I have one day's work tomorrow doing data entry, but I think this is the wrong time of year to find temp contract work. Darn it, another instance of my husband being right...hate that ha ha!! I am not too stressed about it, payout from my last job covers up to this week, and even if nothing comes up til the new year, we'll manage. I prefer to hold out for the right job, or at least something that sounds interesting. I really do NOT want another job where I have to answer phones, I hate talking 0n the phone, even to me friends...don't know why. I'm just weird, ok.

Food wise, everything is going along nicely. Except we ordered takeaway Chinese last night and it didn't agree with me (2nd time that has happened). I think it might be rice, as well as chicken. I am ok with Basmati rice, but the sticky Chinese style doesn't suit my T4. I'm much happier since I gave up bread, not craving white carbs at all now - we even had roast on the weekend and I didn't have a single potato!! Wow. I am also trying to stick to one can of Coke Zero a week, now that I've discovered I can drink it again I was worried I would re-establish the addiction. But I seem okay with just an occasional can, and it takes me a couple of hours to finish it. My advice for the fizzy drinks is to let it sit for a while, have it with ice, and drink it through a straw -- all those things help me enjoy it without burping excessively!

I can't believe it's a week til Christmas. I realised this morning that not only will I not have my usual food addiction to help me through the stressful festive season, but I will be away from my computer for three/four days!!! How will I cope without all the bandit and sleever support?? Might have to commandeer my MIL's computer for a while at least once or twice, just to check in with everyone!


Andrew said...

I think your incredibly brave for going through 2 major changes at once. Jobs are pretty easy to come by at the moment, don't undersell yourself.

Congrats on your wl success to date, your blog has been an inspiration for me in the lead up to my surgery (and decision to have it). DDay is tommorrow, so if I don't get a chance...have a great christmas.


Last Chance Lil said...

Hey Andrew, I can't believe you are 'minski' from the OH board, I cracked up this morning reading your chemo comment!! Too funny!

BIG congratulations and best wishes for tomorrow, look forward to meeting up with you on the Losers' Bench (;

Lizzie said...

Hi Lil

I love reading your posts you are a true character. I follow you with interest as I was banded in Sept at 175kg so feel we are on the same wavelength. I am now 21kg down and feeling terrific already as i am sure that you must be

HAve a lovely xmas and new year