Saturday, December 1, 2007

Weights And Measures

Saturday is here again, AND it's the first weigh-in for the month which means measurements and a new photo woo hoo! I will take the photo later, but here are my current stats:

WEIGHT: 146.5kg
Total loss since 1st Sept: 23.5kg (BMI down from 55.5 to 47.7)

I'm thrilled, especially after having a short plateau. Also, my measurements reflect even more the changes in my body. I had to check my hip measurement twice to make sure it was correct ha ha! Going back to the gym has helped my measurements I think. I feel inspired to keep going and to up the ante with my workouts.

Neck - Oct 4 / 39cm ----Dec 1 / 37cm (loss of 2cm)
Bust - Oct 4 / 145cm----Dec 1 / 139cm (loss of 6cm)
Waist - Oct 4 / 132cm ----Dec 1 / 128cm (loss of 4cm)
Hip - Oct 4 / 161cm ---- Dec 1 / 152cm (loss of 9cm)
Thigh - Oct 4 / 84cm ---Dec 1 / 81cm (loss of 3cm)
Calf - Oct 4 / 64cm -----Dec 1 / 61cm (loss of 3cm)

I am excited and motivated now, which helps! It sucked to see the scales sitting there around 147, now they are on the way down - yippee!

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