Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weigh In, Rewards & Challenges

This morning my official weigh in puts me at 148.9kg, meaning that I am 6.1kg lighter than the day of my surgery and 21.1kg lighter than the day I decided to have weight loss surgery (and started on Optifast). I'm stoked with the results, especially after watching the Biggest Loser last night and realising that even those people are working their asses off, statistically they have little chance of keeping the weight off. I felt sad for them, and relieved that I was rejected by the Australian producers - I decided in August that I would either be on the Biggest Loser or have weight loss surgery, and you all know how that turned out (: Turns out to be the happiest rejection of my life!! I don't have to cry and sweat on national television, I don't need to spend 8 hours a day in the gym, and I am guaranteed to permanently change my eating habits. Woo hoo! Even if I get cranky, or hormonal, or bored with the process of losing weight, I can NEVER go off this "diet" because it really is a lifestyle change. I am thinking of renaming my lap sleeve surgery WEIGHT LOSS FOR DUMMIES lol.

On a more serious note, I have set some rewards and challenges for each milestone I reach. Thought I may as well record them here. These are the rewards for each major loss:
  • 20kg loss -- buy a new blender (DONE last week - yippee!)
  • 30kg loss -- family trip to Rottnest Island
  • 40kg loss -- buy new running shoes in Jan/Feb sales
  • 50kg loss -- Easter 2008 trip to Exmouth
  • 60kg loss -- Buy a bicycle
  • 70kg loss -- November 2008 trip around the world
  • Anything extra to get me under 100kg is a bonus, I want to get a scooter but hubby says too dangerous!

Then I have set myself some challenges for once I reach each milestone:

  • 20kg loss - practise bending over and pedicure my toenails lol
  • 30kg loss - ride a bike on our trip to Rottnest
  • 40kg loss - start jogging/shuffling during my walks
  • 50kg loss - swim/dive with whale sharks and manta rays at Exmouth
  • 60kg loss - join a dance class
  • 70kg loss - sit in my economy class plane seat and be relatively comfortable, without a seatbelt extender!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lil,

Congrats on your loss so far...20kg is fantastic!!! I have popped in here now and again to read your blog. I am glad to read you are doing well. I have learnt that this whole process is just a learning experience.

I think only now after 6 months since surgery, has life only begun to be normal and what to actually eat is not such a big deal anymore or consume so much of my time. I can eat virtually anything I want as long as I take my time and keep away from bread. Good luck on your journey. You must already be feeling so great with the loss you have so far. Well done!!!

From your fellow Dr Armstrong patient.....Di