Friday, November 9, 2007

My Latest Meal

I have had two food victories over the last 24 hours - hooray! Thursday is traditionally my family's takeaway night, and over the last 2 months I've just missed out, having Optifast etc. This time, I thought I'd give it a go and ordered a small popcorn chicken from KFC and a potato and gravy. Blended the chicken up and stirred in the potato - yum! It went down beautifully, and more importantly stayed down lol!! I only ate about 1/4 of the small box of chicken, but I felt like I wasn't missing out.

Then for lunch I thought I would try pasta, which I have been missing over the last two and a half months...boiled up about 20 beef ravioli and then stirred in some pasta sauce and grated some parmesan over it. Awesome. So so yummy, and had not trouble eating it. Hooray! I am feeling like I'm returning to a kind of normality with my eating after being "out-of-the-loop" for so long. I think that doing 8 weeks Optifast before the procedure was over-ambitious, even though it kick started my weightloss and made sure my liver was less fatty for the operation. It also meant the liquid phase wasn't so terrible, as I was used to shakes, etc. But really, 10 weeks without an ordinary meal, and without chewing anything except salad, is TOO LONG. My surgeon told me it would be ha ha! Hate it when they are right lol.


Andrew said...

I know the feeling, I will not get solids again until 2008!

I keep asking where this new found discipline comes from. I think its the hope that this might be the beginning of the future I had always wanted but had given up on. Its kind of exciting in a hungry way.

Lil, I'd also be interested in hearing how the healing/discomfort is going? Sounds like the biggest hurdles are mental.

Last Chance Lil said...

Andrew, for me the hurdles are definitely more mental than physical. Pretty much straight after the surgery I felt okay, a little bit of pain but nothing a panadol wouldn't take away, and now I don't have pain or discomfort at all (except when I eat too fast or the wrong thing). Today I felt a little twinge in the stomach region, which I'm assuming is the actual staple line healing - will check with Doc on Monday.

You are so right about the future we had given up on...that's exactly how I feel - I intend to enjoy the 2nd half of my life WAY more than the 1st. It is exciting all right!!