Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tired But Surviving

Day Three back at work and so far everything is cool. Last night we had a work function and I had a glass of lemon squash and two canapes which went down perfectly (and tasted great!), also managed to dance and take photos for my work newsletter and generally socialise more than I have done in the past. A few people commented on the weight I've lost, since they last saw me in August it's almost 25 kilos and there were a lot of compliments - always nice ha ha! I just feel more confident and energetic, even though I get tired quite easily by the end of the afternoon. The bus trips have been fine too, no problems at all, and sitting at my desk for most of the day isn't uncomfortable either.

Most of my recovery is emotional and mental, still. My body healed quickly but I still struggle with taking tiny bites, chewing super-slowly, not drinking during meals, and not being able to reach for food when I am bored, stressed, emotional, hormonal...

But I will get there - I AM getting there.


Andrew said...

You sound a little exhausted. Its probably all that expectation and uncertainty finally draining out.

Off topic

I got a bill for pathology today of $330. So far thats the dietitian $60, 2 visits to Dr Armstrong $400+ and now the path + $400 for all the clinical. I am starting to worry that the costs are not going to end, there is the $1500 for the day of appointments (dietitian, physical fitness test & general exam) 6300 for the surgery and whatever the anesthetist charges. I know my hospital fees are covered by my private health, but are there more costs. Are there more pathology tests or ultrasounds/xrays? I would dearly love the benefit of your knowledge having gone through a sleeving in similar circumstances. The costs are starting to worry me more than the surgery.

Last Chance Lil said...

Hey Andrew. You're probably right about the tiredness being partly the "downer" after all the planning and organising. As for the costs, they are scary -- I nearly FREAKED when I got the pathology bill (Medicare paid $120 of the $300). As you know, I don't qualify under Medibank Private, so I paid $8,500 for the hospital, $6,000 for the surgeon & assistant and $1,500 for the anaesthetist. As well as the initial consultation with Jon ($200), the $1,500 Bariatric Trifecta. (I got back from medicare about $2000 for the anaesthetist/surgeon, and $75 for the initial consult). As for more tests -- after all that I only needed the pre-op consult with Jon (I think was $200? and I got $50/75 back from medicare) and then Mercy got me to have some pre-op bloods but they were bulkbilled.

I think most of the costs are involved in the actual surgery and the lead-up -- it seemed to get better after that. With your private health you might be able to get a rebate on the dietician and general exam. Don't let the costs put you off -- it is SO worth it. And maybe you can look into accessing your Superannuation to pay the gap? It's pretty easy.

Andrew said...

Thanks, it takes a bit off my mind, I just wish they would get together and be up front with the costs.