Saturday, February 16, 2008

This Week's Date With The Scales

I am now down to 136kg even, or 299.2 pounds -- so I am under the magic 300 line! Hooray!

Here are a couple of comparison photos for those of you with strong stomachs (WARNING: excess flesh approaching lol)


libby said...

WOW!! Look at you!!! How fantastic. Numbers are one thing but seeing the weight loss means so much more. Well done.


Last Chance Lil said...

Thank you Libby!! You look amazing, your three month photos really show the difference - how baggy is that green shirt ha ha! Don't you just love this sleeve of ours?? Love Lil xx

Jen said...

Amazing Lil!!!
You look SOOOOO good!
You must feel fantastic...
Keep up the amazing transformation!
Hugs Jen xx