Friday, October 5, 2007

Weight and Measurements

Weighed in this morning, a day early due to the fact that I am staying at a friend's place tonight so will be away from my scales tomorrow. I've lost 1.5kg in the week, which is not enough, and a little disappointing, but IT IS BETTER THAN A GAIN!

So my weight stands now at 158.7kg

Took some measurements today, it being a month since I began Optifast. Didn't take them at the start (doh), but will measure myself every month from now on, to supplement the kilos lost. My measurements are:
  • Neck - 39cm
  • Bust - 145cm
  • Waist - 132cm
  • Hip - 161cm
  • Thigh - 84cm
  • Calf - 64cm

I talked to the pre-admission nurse today, who asked me for my calf measurements - apparently they are so large that the hospital doesn't carry TENS stockings big enough and I have to purchase them privately (another $100)!! Next week I have my assessment day, where I see the dietician, bariatric assessor and the exercise physiologist - and that day I need to pay $1500. After that is the big one, when on surgery day Oct 29 I need to pay $17,000 approx upfront. Obviously you can't carry that around in cash he he... I guess I will need to organise a bank cheque (note to self - ask Clinic next week).

I am alternating between being petrified/nauseous and excited/psyched. I think this month is going to pass by in a blur of adrenalin.

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Sandra D said...

Not long to go now!!! You will love the fact that your fav size 26ers will not fit you for much longer. It will feel wonderful to pack them up into a bag for charity!!!

I bought some Size 20's stuff a few weeks ago because all my other stuff no longer fits, now all that gear is already getting too big!! I don't mind that kind of expense!!!