Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Note To Self

Next time I have weight loss surgery, I will definitely have to get it done alongside my husband and my family. Aaaargh. They just don't seem to grasp what it's like, and I'm happy for them, honestly, because it is a tough road at times. But having understanding is sooo important, and sometimes I feel sad that the true empathy and sharing I have on this journey comes from people I barely know or have never met.

I can't just sit in front of the TV and eat every night anymore. I don't want to! I need to keep busy and get stuff done, and WHY don't they get it??

Dr Phil would say you either get it or you don't. Is it ME that doesn't get it???????????????


libby said...

Hi Lil,

I can only imagine how hard it must be for you. I was lucky in that my hubbby had the VSG 3 weeks before I did so we're going through it together. Often though I do wonder how other people manage - it must be so very hard at times. On the plus side, when you cook you don't have to eat leftovers for days on end like we do :-).


Last Chance Lil said...

Thank you for the support Libby, it's much appreciated! I think you and Kevin had the right idea taking the leap together, even if the leftovers are a pain ha ha!! Hopefully my DH will take his own steps towards healthier living - soon!