Monday, August 8, 2011

Six Weeks - Hypnosis and the Hypothalamus

I've been on my new lifestyle plan for six weeks now, and this week I weighed in at 134.4 kg - close enough to ten kilos lost! I'm happy with that, although I know I could have achieved more had I decided to do some exercise...

Somehow I have to get the energy up to start using the treadmill and bike. Gorgeous Jon (my weight loss surgeon) has referred me to a haematologist for an iron infusion as my iron levels are still very low. Hopefully that will hake place in the next month or so and it should have an instant effect. It entails sitting in hospital all day attached to a drip so it sounds pretty boring - but man, will it be worth it if I can get my iron levels up. The oral supplement has done bugger all.

Six weeks complete means I am halfway through the Optifast Intensive Phase and can start introducing protein in another six weeks. I see the dietician in a couple of weeks and depending on what she says, I may finish Intensive earlier. I need more energy and without red meat I am struggling. I think if I have my Optifast, two cups of vegies and one lot of protein every day I will still be well under 1500 calories and therefore should still lose weight. I record my food every day on Calorie and they recommend I have 2000 calories every day (obviously a LOT more than Optifast and vegies).

I saw Beverly a couple of weeks ago - she is the NLP/hypnosis specialist. She was awesome, and really helpful, and I feel like I am getting my binge eating and screwy attitude towards food under control. She gave me a self-hypnosis CD that I've been listening to at night, which is aimed at resetting the hypothalamus and it's registering of when I am hungry. Apparently it gets put out of whack by regular binge eating and eating when not hungry (emotional eating, etc). I need to start listening to my body and eating at the proper meal times rather than just pigging out whenever I feel like it.

Overall, I am feeling confident that I can continue losing weight. I have only been doing 10 - 30 mins of medium pace walking every weekday (to and from the bus stop), and I know I can do more than that.

My 1st goal is to lose 24kg by the end of September (the end of the Intensive Phase).


Berys said...

lIL .. you will feel so much more energized after the Infusion I have One done aprox every 6/12 months and the great thing is it happens allmost straight away are really doing great with your weight loss and have lost so much thus far and I stand and applaud you .. Berys xx

Avalon Cat Cartoons said...

Good luck with your weight loss endeavors. The only thing I can recommend to you is: don't stop learning about weight loss and never give up. And most of all: be happy and relaxed, because that has such a huge impact on your body :)

Bec said...

I'm so happy that things are starting to move for you!
I've only just escaped a transfusion because of anaemia by the skin of my teeth. I was getting injections a couple of times a week for a while which seemed to do the trick. I'm sure it will make a HUGE difference! :)

Just Be Real said...

Thank you Lil for an informative post. All the best to you as you venture on. Blessings.