Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Trying to update the layout of my blog is proving to be exasperating. I was also asked today
whether I should have two separate blogs, one with the original purpose of tracking my weight loss surgery, and a new one with the details of my breakdown/rebuild during and after diagnosis and treatment for BPD. I think I probably need two blogs. Whether I have the mental or emotional stamina for two... well, that remains to be seen. Bear with me while I work it out...

NOTE -- Recent posting about non-weight loss surgery stuff has now been shifted to its own place http://www.borderlinelil.blogspot.com/ Just so the weight loss folks don't get scared away!


Jena said...

Cool, sounds good! I'll have to check them both out in more detail a bit later- having two blogs is fun, but there are definitely pros and cons. You'll figure that out. It's good on a personal level though, because you use them to sort out your own thoughts and use them for your own purposes. They're journals. That's the most important thing. My 2 cents ;)

Love, Jena

Borderline Lil said...

You're so right Jena, I've already noticed some of the cons -- trying to decide where a thought/entry/post "belongs" because so many things cross over (especially eating disorder stuff). But in the end, like you say, the blogs are for me to sort out my mixed up thoughts and make sense of them, and I've already found it helpful to have these two separate streams of consciousness. You're my inspiration sweetie!!